Vietnam – The Pink Condom

Hello World,

It is Monday here and I am supposed to be enjoying the so-called “summer vacation” but I am still at work, trying to finish the forms. Students are at the window waiting when the teachers have free time to sign their clearance. Well, the teachers are not in the mood when it comes to signing of their clearance. At the gate, there were students waiting for me and greeted me with those flattering words “ sexy, beautiful, looking great and more dadadada” but it has no effect as I know they just want me to sign their clearance :p.

Anyway, I am taking a break from work so I’d like to continue my night at Saigon before I finally went to sleep.

When I arrived at the dorm, the boys were still up and were still reading books but the Argentinian closed his eyes after 2 minutes. That Irish on the second deck (above my bed) had a very dirty feet. I was looking at his feet from my bed while getting ready to take shower. He noticed I was about to take shower and he wanted to take first. When he got his organizer, 4-5 pink packs fell and they were on my bed. It’s my favorite color “hot pink”. I got one and said, I will barter it with my keyholder from Cebu as a souvenir but he jumped out of his bed and grabbed those pink packs like a little boy who doesn’t want to share his candies. I was shocked of his reaction, I mean common! It is just a candy! He had no word and headed to the bathroom to take shower. When he was done, it was my turn.

In the bathroom, I was killing my time before taking shower. When I was about to throw something in the rubbish bin, I found that pink pack but already opened. I ignored it but was intrigued. 😀 I realized it was a condom so I was laughing and I understood his reaction when I tried to get one. But it is not about I saw a condom why I find it funny but it is about the color :D. It is cute and so feminine. I wanted to document that I saw a pink condom so I slowly went back to the room. The room was very dark already and everyone seemed to be resting. I was looking for my camera but couldn’t find it. I didnt want the Irish guy to notice me looking for my camera. I took photo of it.

The Pink Condom

After I took shower, I checked the photo and zoomed it to read the pack if it was really a condom hahaha and yeah it was really a condom :p. Sorry, condom packs look like candies so I often mistaken it as a candy. I remember when I bought vitamins in Watsons, there are those cute packs at the counter. I got so many of them and chose the cutest colors. I think I got 20 packs when a man behind me had a very round eyes watching me and was laughing and whispered to his wife. I was curious why but then the cashier asked me, “maam, are these condoms included? ” My cheeks turned red and was so embarrassed. I thought they were candies 😀

My break time is over, thanks for reading….til next time


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