Vietnam – Roaming Around at the Backpackers’ Area of Saigon

Hello World,

I was very busy the past few days and yesterday, I was supposed to post this but I met a traveller from Sweden who is a year older than me and we talked for hoursssss about history, religion, science then photography. He has no idea how it hurts my brain. At first I could still reply with few sentences but later I couldn’t squeeze my brain anymore that I could just reply 1 word or 2.

Me: hehe can we talk about easier topics? Perhaps I can interact.

Swedish: Hurry up then! I think you are too late with around 80 years. We used God to collect people to be able to invade countries. So we actually created Christianity. 1200, we, in Sweden adopted it just because it was a good idea to conquer Finland. We used the idea “Christianity” to invade and kill Finland and so on..

Me: lol

Anyway, he is a very nice guy, cute,  good-looking, intelligent and haha I bet ladies would love this 😉 , big salary for a European and oh!!!! I should include, he likes Cebuana ;). A very interesting and smart Swedish but you need to study those topics I mentioned if you are interested to hang out with him :D. It is always nice to talk with travellers, you learn a lot.

Anyway, I will continue talking about my night roaming around alone at the backpackers area of Saigon. After My Meatball Soup and Black Coffee story, I headed to the same street where I bought my cute pink hairclips. My budget was not tight because I decided not to buy clothes to resell here but rather, just wanted to use the money to spoil myself and to try things I haven’t tried like bar hopping. I wanted to go to another nice bar where I could listen to a nice music and have a nice dessert. Suddenly, I noticed people running in my direction to stay away from the trouble. Two Vietnamese men with their big knives were fighting.


Hmmmmmm,  I finally found something interesting so I walked fast to get closer. There were few policemen and the other Vietnamese had two knives and the other one had just one. I took photos and video especially when the other one escaped from the hands of the policeman and attacked his enemy. They sounded braver than a native Filipino. Of course the attention of the people was on the two men fighting when suddenly, the attention of the others was diverted to me. A policeman speaking English stopped me from taking photos and video.


He wanted me to hand him my camera so I tried to left the place quickly but he blocked my way. I told him I will delete the photos and keep saying sorry and told him that I won’t do it again. He kept talking but I couldn’t understand anymore as my heart couldn’t stop pumping. I was very scared and nervous of going to jail because I was thinking that maybe they have a law there about taking photos and I violated it. I was very scared and nervous. I have no real friends there, no family & no one would help in case of trouble. I talked slowly to the policeman and explained that I am a tourist and I was just taking photos but I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. He still wanted my camera but I refused to give because I was afraid he would press “delete all” and all my photos would be deleted from the start of my trip. I attempted to walk away but was stopped and asked to show me my passport. It was like “Oh My God! Will he take me to the police station?” I am often afraid when a policeman looked at me when I am outside the country. Their eyes are strong and strict. I am not saying that I’m not scared of the policemen here but it is about being far away from home and you don’t know what kind of trouble you are into.

I was stubborn that I didn’t hand him my camera and I deleted the photos and video myself. He was talking but I ran away, he was not after me though. I could hear the loud “bogs bogs bogs” of my heart. When I was far enough, I realized I was walking on a dark quite street. I was far from the big crowd and no one was walking on the street except me. My heart was pumping fast again. I walked as fast as I could heading to a bright place where there was a fruit stand. Just before I reached the place, there was a dirty middle aged Vietnamese man talking to me in Vietnamese and attempted to grabbed my bum but was able to avoid it. I ran again and to comfort myself and to stop the very fast heartbeat when I reached the fruitstand, I bought grapes.


I was back on the crowded streets then. I breathe deep and told myself to forget those things that made me nervous so I could enjoy my night more. I was back to the streets where there are many bars. Walking and walking and walking ‘til I checked a bar with a Filipino band.


It was a crazy atmosphere. People were getting wasted and having fun.


There was only one table left, unfortunately, it was a table behind 4-5 men. I ordered mango shake and the were looking at me and as expected, I was asked  to join them but I refused. The other guy wanted to dance with me but I preferred to play with my camera :D.


But, A Vietnamese old lady was dancing in front of me and didn’t stop bothering me until I agreed to join them. She was really crazy and keep flirting with her Caucasian husband.


There was another cool couple as well. I was a bit intrigue because the man seemed to be a lot younger than the woman but they are very cool, friendly and very funny. I had fun with them. They wanted me to try a drink but I refused. I wanted to try but as what I have said, I easily get drunk.


I enjoyed my time with them.


They have so much energy while I was getting tired. I asked to leave first and decided to go back to the hotel. On my way to the hotel, two crazy Caucasian guys tapped my shoulder. The other one on the right and the other one on the left. They scared me but they were friendly. They just me on the streets as well. I accompanied then to a barber shop where they had their hair shaved. I was already tired and no more energy so I refused to hang out with then in a bar.

I then went back to the hotel and was very careful not to make any noise and walking with my tip toe so that I wouldn’t bother my roommates but when I opened the door, the lights were still on and they were still reading book. I wish they were all out. I was a little bit embarrassed that I was the only girl yet it was only me who came very late. It was almost 2 am so I thought everyone was asleep. I went straight to my bed when another thing that I found funny happened. I will talk about it on my next post “The Pink Condom”.

Thank you for reading and have a nice Sunday 😀


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanguyenable
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 10:16:21

    You did the right thing. Don’t hand your property to anyone unless absolutely necessary. And if there is a crowd, get away from it. Crowded place are good places to get robbed or pickpocketed. Very brave for someone traveling alone.


  2. Shainey's Petite World
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 10:29:16

    my first time and just 4 days. i escaped from stressful work for 4 days that made our principal crazy as she had no idea where i was (bad teacher :p)


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