Bonding Time

Hello World,

I was actually very excited to wake up today to check a message but just very sad after. I went out so early to buy credits for my phone but it was forfeited so fast after few attempts to make a call.  If I could turn back time, I would undo some things.I am supposed to cancel my blog today to go out and forget the embarrassment but my appointment is cancelled til 4pm so I’l just kill my time in blogging.

I’l just share some photos of me and my friend Kim with her son and my daughter.


cute Jerry with his 2 cars

This is Jerry, 2-yr-old son of Kim. I told him to behave and eat properly so his mom could eat as she was already hungry. He was too smart to answer “baby is hungry also”. Then I said, “Baby is fat and mom is so skinny”, but he said, “baby is skinny also. He is a very smart boy, can’t believe he is so big now. He rarely shares his toy to another person but he likes my daughter a lot so he shared it and even asked her mother to get water for Sheila hahhaa. He doesn’t like me and will scare me with his eyes but with Sheila, he can behaved.


my lovely daughter


my gorgeous Sheila Mae wearing my dress 🙂


my lovely younger sister heheheh


bonding time


I LOVE YOU my best and hottest F1 driver ----> Alonso 😀 3 yogurt for him, with different flavor, spicy, sour and sweet 😉 stands for my personality lol


While roaming around Ayala, there is this 1 hot Caucasian guy who kept looking at Kim and approached her yay! He talked to her and told her how gorgeous she is in her dress then asked for her number and invited for a movie… when suddenly Jerry called her “mommy mommy mommy” hahahha…

Thanks for reading.

My First “Blowjob”

Oooooooops! relax! relax! let me greet first “Hello World!”

I feel good and free. I sleep all day and go out when the sun is down. I am still in the city and very broke already with my daughter but I prefer to stay here than going back home because I can stop stalking someone from facebook haha! I don’t use internet much unlike when I am just at home.

I thought I’m gonna meet my cute and lovely friends but they’re all working and they have very hectic schedule so I have only met one friend named Kim Ha. The last time I met her was last December and was so glad to see one of my lovely friends.


meeting my lovely milkajjecks sister, Kim Ha

My friend from China happened to be here in Cebu to audition some bands that he could hire for a new branch of his bar in China so I met him with Kim but he was with another American friend as well so there were four of us hanging out on that night. First we went to a Mexican restaurant called Maya in Crossroads. Hmmm the place is memorable for me. It was just my second time there and my first time was with my sister last November 2009 to meet my American friend named Graham and had my first buritos and mojito. Anyway, the two businessmen were having a huge meal when we arrived but Kim and I were too stubborn and refused to eat. After, we moved to a different bar….ok ok ok ok I know you want to hear my story of my first “Blowjob”. So here it goes 😀


My first "Blowjob" cocktail ;)... it's on fire weeehh. Jon laughed so loud on this photo while we laughed so loud on the way he laughed :p


I was scared to try, I thought the straw would be burnt.


I wonder who named this cocktail.....


Jeremy and Kim challenged each other who could finish their Red Horse shot first and unfortunately, he lost so he had to take another "Blowjob"


This is my friend Jon who owns bars in China, no wonder why the "Blowjob" cocktail didn't knock him down.

Oh so that was my First Blowjob Story hehehe… What were you thinking? 😉 I am sure 90% of you were thinking dirty! Gotcha! Anyways, my friend Kim was knocked down haha! She  won the challenge against Jeremy for the Red Horse beer but she was knocked down after lol. My world turned around and the roads were dancing but I was able to walk straight with my high heels whooooh I was the tough one! I had fun being with my friend Kim and I love this girl a lot. I actually miss the others but maybe I will meet them one of these days when our schedules meet. It was also nice to meet the two gentlemen.

Thanks for Reading and Have a Nice Weekend everyone!

A Very Rude White Man From HK

Hello World,

I had my medical exam today here in the city with other teachers. I have always wanted to take them somewhere here but due to financial reasons, our plans were always cancelled. It was for the first time that the  people at work  who are close to me are here with me in the city but I am broke, they are broke so we just ended up eating at the foodcourt.

Anyway, there is this white guy living in HK who showed his interest in me so I thought he would be nice or be a gentleman at least. I am only looking for friends here online and even offline but maybe it pissed him off. He messaged me ” I can’t believe you’re  f—king stupid, you write f—king stupid things”. Ouch! I was surprised. I haven’t received a very rude message before but that’s life. Not everyone is friendly. I was surprised because he clicked the “admirer’s button” yet his message was very rude. On the other hand, I got a message from someone in Shenzhen giving me compliments as a person. I know he was just trying to flatter me (boys!) but  I still  thanked him for his kind words and told him about that message I got from HK. I was actually affected by the message that’s why I shared it to that stranger from Shenzhen to at least release the bad feelings and the feeling of being inferior. Glad that I was able to receive a positive response from that new friend.

He simply said:

“That guy’s stupid comments reminds me of the lyrics of a Wilco song called What Light:”

If you feel like singing a song
And you want other people to sing along
Just sing what you feel
Don’t let anyone say it’s wrong

And if you’re trying to paint a picture
But you’re not sure which colors belong
Just paint what you see
Don’t let anyone say it’s wrong

And if you’re strung out like a kite
Or stung awake in the night
It’s alright to be frightened

When there’s a light (what light)
There’s a light (one light)
There’s a light (white light)
Inside of you…

So, I am sharing that song to you in case there are other people around you who did the same. We can’t please everyone no matter how nice you are to them. Some people may appreciate what you have done, but there are other who criticize it. Don’t let it pull you down and always remember that without this kind of  people, life has no challenge at all. As long as you are not stepping someone’s toes, continue what you love to do.

Thank you for Reading

A Photo of Your Life – An Endless Journey

Hello World,

I failed to post last few days here and now, I am in the city with my daughter and have only chance to use internet in cafes so can’t really talk much. I’ve been trying to treat myself in any way I can with my daughter and just relax and stay positive in life.  Laugh and giggle to stay young in heart. So for now, no funny stories or post.

Couple of days ago, I have read from craveadventure her/his theme song in life. I can relate from that post and it even made me come back to earth to face the real world. My German friend and I had an agreement more than a year ago to make me a video that describes my life with the main music “journey”

What a journey it has been

And the end is not in sight

But the stars are out tonight

And they’re bound to guide my way

When they’re shining on my life

I can see a better day

I won’t let the darkness in

What a journey it has been

This was my reply to his/her post. I spent few hours rolling in bed… thinking. Unfortunately, the video can’t be done yet as it is still a long walk in life.


Endless Journey

In connection with this, I’d like to share a photo of my Swedish friend Fredrick…… a photo of an endless journey of a person who has been walking in life alone; tired but no time to complain, just have to keep moving. I received a message from a reader who thank me for inspiring her. It  makes me happy that even being an ordinary person, I was able to inspire some people in my own little way. I am glad that I am able to share my laughs here as well to uplift those spirits who are getting tired of playing the game in life. .

How about u? If u are ask to describe ur life in a photo, what photo do u think would it be?

Macau Boopers – The Jacket

Hello World,

Thanks for visiting my page again 🙂

Yesterday, I posted about the pink backpack that caused my sister to be held at Macau immigration. Story here –>

a photo of me and my sister at Macau Ferry Terminal

just before we realized we had a wrong ticket

Macau was colder than HK on that time. In HK, I could still remove my jacket but not in Macau. Although our time was limited and we had problem in going to some hotels because of Sheila, we still enjoyed. Before we left Macau, my sister and I agreed to wink at any guy we meet for fun. Just after we agreed, we met two Europeans and dared to wink at them and bumped into the other one on purpose. Well, the two men noticed I did it on purpose or for fun so they just smiled anyway while my daughter was laughing watching her mother being silly.

We were supposed to leave at 10 pm but the ticket guy refused to let us in. We couldn’t understand what he said but then we realized our ticket was for 7 pm. We all went high blood because we told the lady to give us 10 pm but my friend Jessa accept the ticket without checking the time. We clearly said 10 pm and talked to the other guy to give us a 10 pm ticket and he said “yes” so maybe my friend Jessa just thought they all understood us. There was an argument at the ticket booth and couldn’t stop nagging at that man I spoke before we bought the ticket. The other guy apologize and admitted their mistakes and we demanded to issue us a new ticket but they refused. We called the police but of course we were just told that it was our fault. We were very mad at that woman with double false thick long lashes and sister told her that it was her lashes that caused her mistakes lol. We had no choice but to buy another 4 tickets and lost the money but satisfied ourselves by arguing those people there and didn’t care if they understood us or not.

It was a lot of money for four tickets but what else could we do? Life must go on, couldn’t cry over spilled milk. We took the 11 pm schedule and to forget our disappointments, our eyes wandered around while waiting for the boarding time and looked for something that would give us fun and laugh. My sister then just asked me to tease few men who were sitting beside their women/wives/girlfriends who kept looking at me. I caught their eyes so “migara ko”, meaning, I didn’t behave. I kept looking for alibis to make me stand up and walk like my sister and daughter would give me something to throw in the rubbish bin or to buy something at a snack booth. We started laughing again especially when the other woman caught her man’s eyes looking at me and she was very mad. He just then squeezed the woman’s boobs and kissed her. Then we saw those 2 Europeans we met while we roamed around outside. The other one was cute and hot. For fun again, I would pretend to throw something in the rubbish bin which was next to him ;). Don’t get me wrong, I was not trying to be flirty but we lost a lot of money and very sad about what happened to our tickets. We could have enjoyed more and did more things if we didn’t waste our money with the tickets. So, we just wanted to laugh done wearing a sad face just because of money.

I purposely removed my jacket and gave it to my companions to boast that I am ok without a jacket. When it was boarding time, the cute European guy happened to be walking beside me. Brrrrrr it was very cold  as we stepped out of the terminal. I didnt know what the European guy was thinking but I felt naked in a very cold place without the jacket but my companions walked very fast. It was still several steps to the ferry and I didn’t know it was that cold as I removed it when I was still inside the terminal.  I pretended I was ok but my knees couldn’t stop shaking. The man was laughing at me like he had fun watching me hugging myself tight. I regreted for taking off my jacket. When my sister, daughter and Jessa saw me with my knees shaking, they couldn’t stop laughing as I looked very funny. I felt better when I was inside the ferry already and the cute guy sat at the opposite side. My daughter was just observing us and caught our eyes looking at each other which made her giggle. Haha I have fun remembering it.

Anyway, when we arrived at HK immigration, it was only me who was called of all the passengers to go to a room. My sister who was supposed to be worried was just laughing at me and said it was my ‘karma” for laughing at her when she was held at Macau immigration. I was confused what’s wrong. I had no bag and there was nothing in my hand. My ears were checked so I was thinking I had dirty ears lol. I was then asked to fill up a form. I asked what’s wrong, he said that I have a high fever and should be observed. Instead of being worried, I just laughed at myself because I must got the high fever when I removed the jacket in Macau just to tease some people. I was released after they checked me but it was long enough that other passengers were already gone including the cute guy lol. My sister kept laughing but well, I laughed at her anyway when she was held because of the pink backpack without knowing that it would happen the same to me for removing the jacket which caused me a fever.

Going back to our guesthouse, I felt the fever and felt weak but I had fun remembering the crazy things I did and had forgotten  how much money we lost at Macau ferry terminal.

Thank you for reading and have a fruitful day 🙂

Macau Bloopers – The Pink Backpack

Hello World,

How’s your weekend? I have nothing special going on this weekend but I still enjoyed it thru reading few blogs. I tried not to wake up early but my eyes want to wake up at 6am everyday so I just spent 3 hours rolling in bed and trying to close my eyes again and imagine what’s going to be in May. Well, that’s something to wait for.

Il continue the travel bloopers. Sitting here alone, I miss that moment so  I am writing  it at least it won’t be just forgotten like my other stories.

Macau Bloopers

The Pink Backpack

It was raining hard and we decided to go to Macau. Hmm finally, I could wear my white boots. I had had it for a year and had only worn it on a picture taking so I was very glad to finally wear them. I love wearing boots but where should I wear them here? in school? Haha I’l be fired right away. My sister didn’t want to wear high heels anymore after she was tortured the previous day with her high heels that made her decide to walk barefoot as she couldn’t endure the sore feet anymore.


I do love winter outfits. They make me look bigger 😀

She  carried the pink backpack of my daughter with my extra flat boots (in case I couldn’t endure the high heels), dingdong corn snacks, and biscuits. On our way to the ferry terminal, I noticed something that stinks :x. It is in the pink backpack. We checked it but couldn’t find any til I noticed that there was a Shawarma in its pocket. My daughter forgot to finish her Shawarma that she placed in the pocket of the backpack.

a photo of a Shawarma

We tried to get rid of the smell by washing the pocket with alcohol and my sister just wanted to throw the backpack away but we didn’t bring any other bags and we brought some snacks so we had nothing to use. My sister couldn’t stop nagging at my daughter but the more she got mad when my daughter was just laughing watching my sister washing the pocket with alcohol. She passed the backpack to my daughter but she stayed away from it. She passed it to me but I couldn’t be bothered with a pink backpack as it didn’t match with my outfit :p so she had no choice, it was her who carried it. We proceeded to the ferry terminal after the bag smelled like an alcohol instead of Shawarma.


a photo at Hongkong ferry terminal


What are you looking at sister? It is your job to carry the backpack


my innocent gorgeous little-big angel

When we were at the immigration area, my sister was called for inspection. At first, I was thinking that everyone should be inspected if you have a bag. The lady officer checked what’s inside of the bag but I was curious why others with big luggages and boxes were not checked. When the officer was done checking her bag, she was brought to a room and the officer closed it. I began being nervous and very worried. My heart started to pump so fast so I approached another officer to ask what’s going on but I got no answer but instead he told me to stay behind  the line. I was thinking what if some crazy guy put drugs in the backpack while she was carrying it in the tram. She was there for several minutes. We were waiting  the door to be opened. I told myself that she must be in trouble. It should be the backpack that has a problem. When the door was opened and my sister was released, I could finally breathe. Very mad at my daughter, she threw the backpack at her and asked her to carry it. There must be a smell detector and the immigration area that’s why she was held for several minutes. She said all the things inside the bag were inspected one by one. The officer found those dingdong corn snack packs, the extra boots, her vitamins and  some nonsense stuffs. My daughter couldn’t complain anymore, she had to carry that backpack the whole time as her punishment. It was her fault why she was held at the immigration. It must be the smell of the alcohol and the onions.


Sheila had to carry the pink backpack the whole time


My sister and I


The three sisters 😉

Everything was ok after and my sister to start laughing again about her embarrassment. My daughter couldn’t stop laughing as well and glad that it wasn’t me who carried that pink backpack :p. But, it was my sister’s turn to laugh at me when we return in Hongkong. It was my turn to be called.  I carried nothing as it was my daughter who had the backpack. I just had my jacket so I was curious why I was brought to a room. Find out why in tomorrow’s post 🙂

A lesson to learn – Do not carry a pink backpack…joke joke joke

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for stopping by. see yah tomorrow!

What’s In My Mind Today?

Hello World,

How are you? Thanks again for visiting my page :). Tonight, I am flattered to receive a message from a reader who has been following me. Didn’t realize that I inspired some people with my posts ’til she told me :). To that reader, than you so much.

I want to share more bloopers as continuation of my previous posts but I am sleepy and tired already because I couldn’t take a nap at the seminar and the very hot weather makes me feel so tired and sleepy. So, Il just share what’s in my mind the whole day and night. Am I thinking about my crush? No no no, I am thinking about bedrooms. 🙂 I imagine that house I will buy soon to have 5 bedrooms. 3 downstairs and will have two big bedrooms upstairs :))))))))) so I couldn’t stop daydreaming how the bedrooms would look like :). You’ll surely call me a daydreamer but as what they said, “it is free to dream so don’t limit yourself”. I daydream to buy a small house and lot along the road and never expect that daydream will come true :). Who knows, Mr. Facebook Founder will marry me someday :D, then I’l have my luxury bedrooms :p. Why do I only think about bedroom and not talking about kitchen and living room? Because I can do all the things I need and want to do in the bedroom. When I am not at work, I spend 95% of my time in the bedroom 😀 and I always want to have a big bedroom.


my small bedroom downstairs :p


a big Pink room upstairs that will be also a playroom


a teenage room downstairs where I can feel I am still a teenager 😀


My daughter and I's bonding room downstairs


a luxury room


Harti's bedroom :DDDD

Bedroom is my small shaineysworld 🙂

Thank you for daydreaming with me :DDDD Have a nice weekend!!!

Hongkong- HK Bloopers Part II

Hongkong- HK Bloopers Part II

First Cable Car Experience

Hello World,

I am 11 hours late for my post today. I went to a seminar whole day and away from computer.

At the seminar, I heard a voice saying “That’s Sheryl Gonzales” and everyone in that group turned around and looked at me. After 5 mins., I heard the same thing from another group of teachers from another school. I don’t know them and couldn’t even remember their faces. I was just pretending that I was texting to someone to avoid being awkward. After few minutes again, one teacher looked at me and asked “Are you Sheryl Gonzales?” I just said “yes and why?”. She replied, she recognize me because of my hair. After that, I had a little chit-chat with another teacher from another school. From her, I realized that I had been a “talk” since before. I had no idea ’til she told me few things about what she heard about me. I also learned that they call me “noodles”.

Well, I dont go out much and I’m not really into gossips so I was not aware of those few issues about me.I ignored what I heard but shared to some people and they simply told me that some people are just insecure. And for those people who know me well or for those who have at least talked to me even just for a short time said, I am just normal, nothing special about me, not flirty and not that crazy and very pposite on how others judged me based on my photos. But they added that it is my long curly hair that makes me daring and give a sexy look so they suggested that I should have it straightened. Oh well, I already had my hair cut in Vietnam and it is now shorter but hair staightening or hair rebonding costs a lot. I had my “One Night Straight Hair” in Vietnam but I am not very comfy with it as I am not used to see myself in the mirror with a straight hair. I felt naked with it lol. For those who have not read my blog and have not seen  my photos when I had  a “One Night Straight Hair” , you can view it from here –>

Enjoying the cable car ride

Anyway, I am just sharing it as sharing always help me feel better. But, that is not really my post tonight. My post is a continuation of yesterday’s post. It will be just short because I am so tired and sleepy. I’d like to share our first cable car experience. Although it is not really my first time for the fun rides as I had experience those crazy rides in Everland, South Korea, I had not tried a cable car before that.

On our way there, we were all very excited and was not  scared at all. We even just enjoyed taking photos and my daughter had fun with us.

having fun in the cable car


my daughter and sister were excited and happy


Me with my younger sister and my daughter in our first cable car ride experience


We just had fun in that cable car ride. These cable cars take you to all the fun rides. It was already evening when we finish there but after all the fun rides especially the roller coaster experience, this was the reaction when we took the cable car to send us back to the main entrance and exit.


scared of heights

My sister was very scared after she experience some fun rides. I tried to divert my attention and avoided to look down to avoid being scared but with her reaction, I began to be scared as well.

The end……….

More funny experiences next time.. and again, thanks for stopping by. You can leave your comments below if you like to.


Hongkong – HK Bloopers Part I

Hello world,

About 7pm last night, I was rolling in my small bed trying to close my eyes to take a nap but my mind was up so I decided to go to the main road which is about 300 meters from home to buy hotdog at my cousin’s small eating place. When I had my hotdog cooked, no one seemed to recognize me lol but when my neighbors realized it was me sitting on the chair waiting for my hotdog to be cooked, they seemed to be surprised and said it is such a miracle to see me out of our house. Another neighbor named “Noy Duwar”, kissed my head after he realized it was just me sitting on a chair. He thought I was a child that he didn’t recognize me right away lol. Everyone had the same comment.  Except that they see me passing every morning going to school (always late) and after school, they rarely see me go out from the house. It is not a special thing for me buying a hotdog but everyone who saw me seemed to be surprised. Am I that snobbish lol? I feel like I live in the jungle. I just don’t go out when I’m not working. I prefer to stay home and read blogs sometimes or sell clothes in facebook and chat with new friends I met online to share experiences especially about culture. But with my neighbors reaction, I meditate for a while and realized that I need to spend less time with the internet and get out and have fun outside. Yeah, I will soon and I will see more what is it outside my small Shaineysworld.

Anyway, I can’t finish my story yesterday yet but I will finish it as soon as I don’t know how to call the part II as that part is mixed with sad and happy emotions. So I will share our crazy experience in HK with my daughter’s first time to ride in an airplane and my sister’s first time to be out of the country.

checking our tickets

my daughter's first time to see an airplane in closer view

both excited

I told my daughter to listen and observe carefully on what to do when the plane crashes. I teased her and she was speechless, maybe regreted to be with her crazy mother 😀

Not my first time in HK as I was there when I was 22 but I was very opposite when I was younger and had no sense of adventure on that time. It was like a first time that I didn’t know about HK. We are not rich enough to stay in hotels and why stay in hotels if we can save money from guesthouses? So we asked someone to book us in a guesthouse and told the lady that we would arrive at 2am.

tired and hungry

With confidence, we arrived at the guesthouse located in Causeway Bay around 2 am with our receipt for the downpayment. Well, it was written in Chinese so didn’t really know what’s written there except that we knew it was a receipt for our payment. We knocked the door slowly at first to avoid bothering other people ‘til there was no answer after few attempts of waking up the caretaker. We called but the old lady said 10 am. Since she couldn’t speak English well, we only understood that she would let us in at 10 am so what? we would be waiting at the door? We had a friend with us who lives in HK with his wife and with an angry voice, he knocked the door and yelled so loud that woke up everyone in the entire building. The neighbors were very mad because of the noise but he kept yelling to open the door and said we paid already and why not open the door. At the same time, that Chinese lady next door kept saying “Why are you so fu—king noisy?” Unsuccessful with our attempts, we confidently called a police :D…….. oh yeah so the police came so quick to help us. The friend who was with us explained the whole thing and said, we had a child with us who need rest. The police officer knocked the door and talked to the lady but refused to open so we just called her phone and they talked with the officer. The officer then asked our receipt and said, our booking is for 10 am lol. My friend blamed her wife then for not checking it well but she insisted she told his that it would be 2 am. My sister and I just laughed at her then while her husband kept lecturing her about the mistake she made. Anyways, we couldn’t change it so we just look for a place where we could pass the night and had my daughter sleep at least.

deciding where to go

she said "why worry? we can just sleep here" 😀

this is what I call adventure 😀

for me, a trip turns exciting when something goes wrong. if everythinng goes well, I find it boring 😀 as I have no story to tell :p

Just roaming around and enduring the cold temperature looking for a place where we could at least stretch our legs.

My very kind daughter had no comment at all. Her crazy mother taught her how to be adventurous lol.

We walked from Causeway to Wanchai where there was a 24 hr Mc Donalds. It was far and my sore feet were killing me. I was wearing high heels as I didn’t expect that there would be a lot of walking. We stayed in Mc Donalds and ordered foods while my daughter was enjoying her time sleeping. There were few people sleeping there and one was a Caucasian woman but the rude service crew told us that it wasn’t allowed to sleep there so he wanted to wake up my daughter. Our friend was pissed off why bother a child sleeping  while the others are not bothered when they even made the chairs like a bed and my daughter was just sleeping while she was sitting on the chair. They had an argument but my daughter was just sleeping peacefully. Then we were having our coffee when the service crew was back again at our table and mopped the floor and moved the chairs without even saying “excuse me”. There was an argument again as he seemed to be annoying us all the time.

killing time at 24 Mc Donalds in Wanchai

Anyway, we were safe but just tired because we didn’t sleep at all. We were supposed to be resting so we could enjoy the next day but well, we had fun remembering that night. It was also my daughter and sister’s first winter experience so at least they knew how it is like to walk on cold streets :D.

For others who haven’t travelled yet and plan to travel in the future, I am not saying here that it is ok to sleep on the streets or to roam around late at night. You can look for 24 hr fast food chains in case you experience the same. Staying in a hotel is nice but if you can find cheaper accommodation, it would be better and spend your money in other things instead.

A lesson to learn here, always check the receipt and if it is written in a different language, have someone to translate it so you won’t be in trouble. But the question is, did we learn?????hhahaha no, I have another story later :p

Thanks for reading 🙂

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