Vietnam -The Black Coffee

Hello World,

Guess what? I met a writer last night. Oh well, I call him a writer because his articles were written professionally. I love his articles and it inspires me to recall my previous trips and have them posted to share to my readers. I also learned a lot from his articles and I will talk about it next time. He’s German but has excellent writing skills is English. Oh ladies, he is single, good-looking 😉 and I can say that he is intelligent so if you have plans to make friend with him, just let me know ;)… who knows, you are the woman in his dreams 😉

Anyway, I will continue to share that night with my story about the meatball soup.Story here —->

After I bought cute pink hairclips, I enjoyed walking again on the streets and being proud of myself as little-woman-solo-taveller. I learned something this time, bring my passport anywhere I go. In my previous trips, I didnt take my passport when I go out as I don’t like to carry something but I learned it is very important just in case I will be in trouble. I checked few bars but decided to hang out at Saigon Buffalo Bar.

Just before I ordered, I was envious how relaxing it is to sit in one of those folded chairs facing the street so I moved to another bar. Most bars were full and I couldn’t see a very crowded place like that in Cebu except when it is a week before Sinulog when the city is filled with white people. There, even if it is weekdays, bars are busy.

As I looked for a bar with at least 1 table available, I saw my English roommate. I pretended as if I didn’t see him but he called me so I smiled at him. There was one seat available in their table so I knew he was trying to invite me with his sweet smiles but I gave him a look as if I wanted the other bar because they have cooler music. Hmmm I love the chairs…so relaxing! I could relax my tired legs.

relaxing my legs

The waitresses smiled at me and were very respectful. They were very friendly and I noticed that they might be thinking I am rich Asian girl travelling as I was just alone. I carefully checked the menu looking for the cheapest drink :p :p :p. I was still full with my meatball soup so didn’t want to order foods. I know also that I easily get drunk so I avoid cocktails because the guesthouse was a bit far. It would be a big problem if I get drunk. I wanted to order fries or some finger foods but I felt sexy on that night so I tried to avoid those foods (just on that night :p) . Took time to check the menu and asked the waitress each drinks if it is free from alcohol or if it is strong or not ( the other side of me wanted to drink but George Clooney wasn’t there to carry with his two arms when I get drunk.) What should I order? I just wanted to sit there but I need to order something at least. I didnt want shakes because I often have them here in Cebu. I was looking for something that I rarely have here………….hmmmmm! I finally realized what is it! Coffee! I don’t really go to coffee shops so I am not familiar with the kinds of coffee.


feeling relaxed with my black coffee

I was comparing prices, when I finally decided what to get….. a black cold coffee. With a smile, I called the waitress to order. When it was on my table, I was curious why there were two glasses and the other one looks yellowish so it shouldn’t be a water. I then try my black coffee……. Huhuhuhu, it was more bitter than I expected. I wanted to throw up but told myself “hey! It is ur order and that’s 30 000vnd!take it!” In Philippines, the 3-1 coffee is only 6 pesos so you can imagine how expensive is that black coffee for me :D. I realized what was the other glass for. I pretended as if I love my coffee but everytime I tried to drink it, my face was destroyed by the bitter taste without knowing that some people were just having fun watching me with my black coffee. I ignored it  but my tummy wanted to give up already…. really wanted to throw up. The waitress was trying to talk to me and I asked her to give me sugar but she said “no”. Since it is 30 000 vnd, I wanted to finish it.


Killing time at the bar


trying to be cute with this bitter taste

Oh yeah, I know it is just cheap but I didnt want to waste my money. Two seats in my table were available when 2 Caucasian men joined me, they were cute 😀 but then I was there for an hour already and didnt want to spend more minutes in that bar. I wanted to check other bars. So I took all the courage to finish my black coffee before those men started to talk to me. I closed my eyes tight, pressed my nose hard and drank it once. My body shook after and grabbed my bag and ran to the bathroom “don’t throw up! Don’t throw up! It is an expensive coffee!” I just gurgled and tried to dance in the bathroom and jumped! “Whooop! Whoop!” I said.


having fun in the bathroom

When I felt ok, I was hesitant to go out because I knew everyone will be looking at me but anyway, they won’t see me again so I just went out, paid my coffee and just smiled at other customers. They were laughing , I told those guys who joined me at my table that I have coffee allergy :p

I continued my night but this time, I was in a little trouble. Will post it next time.

Thanks for reading…………..


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