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This week is considered as the busiest week for all the teachers. Forms, grades, reports etc. Everyone at work are so busy in our respective working tables. I can’t imagine how would it be like without my laptop. Others are still doing those forms manually for they don’t know how to do it with the computer but there are other forms that should be done manually. My back hurts sitting on the chair accomplishing those forms but I comfort myself by saying “ I am paid to do this” . Thinking that my job is a lot better than other jobs stops me from complaining.

Anyway, despite of being very busy at work, this week has been so good for me. I have been lazy to write and read blogs but at least I reached 4000 + this week. Since I started blogging, I have promised to write daily but I have always broken that promise. Now, I am trying to keep the promise… and write and move up!

My top post for the week is

It has more readers than the

I should thank you for following me here. I still have many untold stories and most of them are funny (my bloopers). Summer is coming, I will have more time to read and write so keep following my Petite World. The personal experiences I have written here are not that extraordinary but there is always a  simple lesson behind that’s why I am sharing it.

Upcoming Post

Singapore – The Arrival

Singapore – The Bathrob

Singapore – Cheering The Wrong Team

Singapore – The White Wine

And more ………

You can also message me about what you want to read. Suggestions, comments, and reactions are very welcome 🙂

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