Vietnam – The Taxi Driver

I was very sick and I wanted a break. My sight was blurry and weak to carry my luggage. I just slept all day at the airport and felt rejuvenated after.


Although I am always alone when I travel and always have late arrival, that doesn’t mean I am no longer scared.Some people at the airport asked me where I’m heading as they noticed I have been just sleeping. I told them that I’m heading to Vietnam  and  as usual, the next question is, if I know anyone there  or if I have tavel companion but told them that I don’t have any friends or relatives and is my first time. They were all worried and scared for me. I have no idea what Vietnam is like so I couldn’t answer their other questions. Of course inside, I was scared. I am too small to defend myself from bad guys. I just hoped that their airport is crowded.

In the plane, I was worried about what kind of taxi driver waiting for me. I looked for something in my bag that I could use in case of “emergency”. I found a pen and put it in my pocket….just in case (if u know what I mean). As I stepped out the airport, I saw those drivers waiting for their passengers. They were bigger than me so I was a bit scared. I pretended as if I didn’t need a taxi but when I saw this man with my name, I felt relieved.


His eyes were half closed, a sign of being very sleepy while his holding my name.


He was very skinny and I felt tall standing beside him. I put my pen away as I felt safe. He couldn’t speak English but still trying to be nice even though he looked very tired and sleepy.He didn’t rip me off but instead, he was very helpful.


The taxi driver made me feel ok. I wish all taxi drivers were like this taxi driver. And after meeting him, I knew that my trip would be fine and no need to be scared….. That’s when my Vietnam trip began!

Thanks for reading………….


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