Vietnam – A Story Of My Pink Calculator

A story of my pink calculator……….

I was the only woman in the dorm with 7 men. These backpackers seem not to be very busy roaming around because they just stay in the dorm playing with their touch screen gadgets or reading books about Southeast Asia.

One late afternoon, I went back to the dorm from a day tour and it was still early. When I opened the door, I was amazed that the attendance was complete. The boys were just on their respective beds reading a book. Hmmm… I was not tired and sleepy but every one was so serious so went straight to my bed and got my pink mirror

and later I was playing with my paper love birds.

After few minutes, I felt awkward of what I was doing. So I went to the lobby and got a book similar to theirs to feel the spirit of a traveller :p. I read to feel that I belong to the group but it was actually boring though  I learned few things. When I turned around, I noticed that it was only me reading a book, they were all busy with their ipads and iphones with earphones in their ears. So I put the book away and got my phone.

very busy with their nice phones

Unfortunately, I have a boring phone, no internet, no music, no camera, no games and couldn’t text but still pretended I was busy with my phone by trying to send a text message though it didnt work. Suddenly! I got an idea….

I got my pink hello kitty calculator and use it as if I was playing a game or surfing the net but I was actually calculating how much money I’ve spent and left. They didnt know it was just a calculator.

They were busy playing games and they seemed to enjoy it a lot so I also made sounds as if I was playing a game “ooopsss, nooooo, owwww, uh-uh, tsk tsk, yay!”  I caught their eyes looking at me then and they seemed curious what is that pink hello kitty stuff (maybe they thought it was a PSP). I was afraid they would catch me playing with a calculator, I put it on the rack next to me with my mirror. Then, took a bath to get ready for dinner. I knew they were busy with their games so I was killing time in the bathroom. When I went back to the room, the French was looking at me as if something was funny. I ignored it and fixed my hair. Then the French said “ you have a very cute calculator”… I was just looking at him as if I wanted to kick his ass…. arghhhhhhhh he was too curious that he checked it lol…. I was not embarrassed til the English guy teased me, “what were you doing with your calculator?” hehehehhehehe….. I just said, I am confused with their money because there are so many zeros so I brought a calculator :p……. he said “  sorry, we just thought it was a tiny pink netbook so we wanted to know the model” . I just then said “ because ur all busy with ur touch screen gadgets and I haven’t got one so I played with my calculator”. I was embarrassed but hehehehe at least they have something to remember in their trip :p …… and I have something to share about an embarrassing experience. :p

Thanks for reading…….


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  1. marissa
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 12:13:48



  2. Ime Jean
    Mar 20, 2012 @ 09:52:48

    hahaha! nice! I love it!


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