Vietnam -The Black Coffee

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Guess what? I met a writer last night. Oh well, I call him a writer because his articles were written professionally. I love his articles and it inspires me to recall my previous trips and have them posted to share to my readers. I also learned a lot from his articles and I will talk about it next time. He’s German but has excellent writing skills is English. Oh ladies, he is single, good-looking 😉 and I can say that he is intelligent so if you have plans to make friend with him, just let me know ;)… who knows, you are the woman in his dreams 😉

Anyway, I will continue to share that night with my story about the meatball soup.Story here —->

After I bought cute pink hairclips, I enjoyed walking again on the streets and being proud of myself as little-woman-solo-taveller. I learned something this time, bring my passport anywhere I go. In my previous trips, I didnt take my passport when I go out as I don’t like to carry something but I learned it is very important just in case I will be in trouble. I checked few bars but decided to hang out at Saigon Buffalo Bar.

Just before I ordered, I was envious how relaxing it is to sit in one of those folded chairs facing the street so I moved to another bar. Most bars were full and I couldn’t see a very crowded place like that in Cebu except when it is a week before Sinulog when the city is filled with white people. There, even if it is weekdays, bars are busy.

As I looked for a bar with at least 1 table available, I saw my English roommate. I pretended as if I didn’t see him but he called me so I smiled at him. There was one seat available in their table so I knew he was trying to invite me with his sweet smiles but I gave him a look as if I wanted the other bar because they have cooler music. Hmmm I love the chairs…so relaxing! I could relax my tired legs.

relaxing my legs

The waitresses smiled at me and were very respectful. They were very friendly and I noticed that they might be thinking I am rich Asian girl travelling as I was just alone. I carefully checked the menu looking for the cheapest drink :p :p :p. I was still full with my meatball soup so didn’t want to order foods. I know also that I easily get drunk so I avoid cocktails because the guesthouse was a bit far. It would be a big problem if I get drunk. I wanted to order fries or some finger foods but I felt sexy on that night so I tried to avoid those foods (just on that night :p) . Took time to check the menu and asked the waitress each drinks if it is free from alcohol or if it is strong or not ( the other side of me wanted to drink but George Clooney wasn’t there to carry with his two arms when I get drunk.) What should I order? I just wanted to sit there but I need to order something at least. I didnt want shakes because I often have them here in Cebu. I was looking for something that I rarely have here………….hmmmmm! I finally realized what is it! Coffee! I don’t really go to coffee shops so I am not familiar with the kinds of coffee.


feeling relaxed with my black coffee

I was comparing prices, when I finally decided what to get….. a black cold coffee. With a smile, I called the waitress to order. When it was on my table, I was curious why there were two glasses and the other one looks yellowish so it shouldn’t be a water. I then try my black coffee……. Huhuhuhu, it was more bitter than I expected. I wanted to throw up but told myself “hey! It is ur order and that’s 30 000vnd!take it!” In Philippines, the 3-1 coffee is only 6 pesos so you can imagine how expensive is that black coffee for me :D. I realized what was the other glass for. I pretended as if I love my coffee but everytime I tried to drink it, my face was destroyed by the bitter taste without knowing that some people were just having fun watching me with my black coffee. I ignored it  but my tummy wanted to give up already…. really wanted to throw up. The waitress was trying to talk to me and I asked her to give me sugar but she said “no”. Since it is 30 000 vnd, I wanted to finish it.


Killing time at the bar


trying to be cute with this bitter taste

Oh yeah, I know it is just cheap but I didnt want to waste my money. Two seats in my table were available when 2 Caucasian men joined me, they were cute 😀 but then I was there for an hour already and didnt want to spend more minutes in that bar. I wanted to check other bars. So I took all the courage to finish my black coffee before those men started to talk to me. I closed my eyes tight, pressed my nose hard and drank it once. My body shook after and grabbed my bag and ran to the bathroom “don’t throw up! Don’t throw up! It is an expensive coffee!” I just gurgled and tried to dance in the bathroom and jumped! “Whooop! Whoop!” I said.


having fun in the bathroom

When I felt ok, I was hesitant to go out because I knew everyone will be looking at me but anyway, they won’t see me again so I just went out, paid my coffee and just smiled at other customers. They were laughing , I told those guys who joined me at my table that I have coffee allergy :p

I continued my night but this time, I was in a little trouble. Will post it next time.

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Sex Jokes

This week is the busiest week at work. It is the last week for school year 2011-2012 so need to accomplish everything. I am very slow in completing all the forms, there are so many interruptions. Every now and then, my 15 yr old student named “Joey” comes to my table to ask for nails, to report that his classmates are misbehaving, to ask question …this and that. Because it is all serious here at work, thought of posting a joke 🙂 from


Joke 1

A girl is driving along the expressway listening to the radio when she hears a song she really, really likes. When the song is over the announcer says the title of the record was, “Hot Lips and Tender Kisses.”

When she gets home she’s very excited about the new song and decides to call her local music store to see if they have the record. Hurriedly, and excitedly, she dials the store’s number. But in her excitement, she unknowingly misdialed and got an auto repair shop instead.

“Hello,” the mechanic answers.

“Oh, yes! Do you have Hot Lips and Tender Kisses?” the girl asks.

The mechanic was puzzled, but says, “Well, no, but I’ve got hot pants and seven inches.”

“Oh, is that a record?” she says.

“No,” he says, “but it’s better than average.”


Joke 2

There was this couple that had been married for 20 years. Every time they made love the husband always insisted on shutting off the light.

Well, after 20 years the wife felt this was ridiculous. She figured she would break him out of this crazy habit. So one night, while they were in the middle of a wild, screaming, romantic session, she turned on the lights.

She looked down. and saw her husband was holding a battery-operated leisure device … a dildo! Soft, wonderful and larger than a real one.

She went completely ballistic. “You impotent bastard,” She screamed at him, “How could you be lying to me all of these years? You better explain yourself!”

The husband looks her straight in the eyes and says calmly: “I’ll explain the toy … you explain the kids.”


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Hello world,

This week is considered as the busiest week for all the teachers. Forms, grades, reports etc. Everyone at work are so busy in our respective working tables. I can’t imagine how would it be like without my laptop. Others are still doing those forms manually for they don’t know how to do it with the computer but there are other forms that should be done manually. My back hurts sitting on the chair accomplishing those forms but I comfort myself by saying “ I am paid to do this” . Thinking that my job is a lot better than other jobs stops me from complaining.

Anyway, despite of being very busy at work, this week has been so good for me. I have been lazy to write and read blogs but at least I reached 4000 + this week. Since I started blogging, I have promised to write daily but I have always broken that promise. Now, I am trying to keep the promise… and write and move up!

My top post for the week is

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I should thank you for following me here. I still have many untold stories and most of them are funny (my bloopers). Summer is coming, I will have more time to read and write so keep following my Petite World. The personal experiences I have written here are not that extraordinary but there is always a  simple lesson behind that’s why I am sharing it.

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Vietnam – The Meatball Soup

Hey just want to share another story before starting my day.

I decided to spend my night alone than hanging out with my roommates who just like to play with their gadgets. I went to a salon to have a haircut. Oh! I felt the essence of a woman sitting on a chair in the salon. For 3 yrs, I just cut my own hair or I let my mother cut it to save money.


And unlike other women, I can only count the times I’ve been to salon with my 5 fingers. It is not that I don’t like it but it is because my long curly hair costs a lot or costs more than my plane tickets 🙂


Anyway, I had it straightened while that gorgeous lady beside had her permed.


I spolied myself on that night.


After, I enjoyed walking Bui Vien St. smiling to some people. But oh! I saw Tom, the Dutch with his bottle of beer checking out a clothes shop. I was so quick in turning around and walked back but he was following me. I didn’t want to hang out with someone on that night so I walked fast and he didn’t recognize me even I was so close to him because of my new straight hair 😀 .

Anyway again, here’s the story of the meatball soup. Because I was avoiding the Dutch, I went to the other street where I saw a restaurant filled with people having hot soup. There were many people so it must be good. I checked it out and I love hot soup so I decided to take my dinner there. There was only one table left so I sat there. I noticed some eyes looking at me. I was curious why. I was thinking it must because of my hair? (the feeling of having a brand new hair) or I must look weird for them? Or they must be trying to guess my nationality. Oh yeah, I look very Filipina but some people don’t think I am as they said, it is rare for a Filipina to be travelling alone.


I was playing with my shitty cam as usual and caught some eyes watching me as I was trying to take a good photo of myself.


A child said “Daddy, she needs help” :D. The father then stood up and said “Do you want me to take you a photo?” :p Of course I said “yes”.


The meatball soup must be ready to eat already and there were leaves on the plate and sliced chilli. In distance, I tried to observe what to do with the leaves by looking at other bowls from my table. I saw the green thing in their soup so I had the idea that the leaves should be in the soup. Hmmm with a feminine move, I put them all in my soup once and captured that moment 😀 . The smell was inviting and my tummy was excited. I put the sliced chilli as well.


While having my soup, I again caught some eyes watching me eat. It is not that I am too conscious but you can tell that there is something in those eyes. When my tummy enjoyed half of my soup, there was this Caucasian guy who shared my table. He was about 27 I think. I usually talk and smile to other travellers but I was pretending I was busy with my soup because he looked at me as if he was teasing me about something or something was funny. I asked myself, what have I done again? Do I look funny with my new hair? There is nothing funny with having a meatball soup. Began to feel awkward as he was just looking at me while waiting for his order. I pretended I was busy eating but was really annoyed. Then, he picked up those sliced chilli and ate them and looked at my soup. I then had an idea that he must be trying to tell me that chilli should not be in the soup…who cares? This is my style of soup. I was done with my soup when his soup was served but of course, I had pride that I didn’t stand up right away. I got my lipstick and mirror and was doing the retouch in front of him but of course I didn’t look at him. But he was smiling while he picked those leaves from the other plate. He was looking at me as he put each leaf in his soup and looked at my bowl. I could feel my cheeks were turning red, oh yeah I tried to ignore but I knew my cheeks were red on that moment. His eyes were telling me “hey miss, this is how you do it”. I was embarrassed and realized I was stupid for putting the whole bunch of leaves in my soup. I told myself, “oh well, I was in a hurry and had no time to do it that way”. I just thought the stem is included. But still it didn’t comfort me from being embarrassed because I also realized why people looked at me when I put those leaves in my soup. Well, in the Philippines, we put sometimes the whole “sangig” in the soup so I thought they were the same. I called the waiter for my bill and I was asked where I came from. I thought of lying at first but I just simply said I’m from the Philippines.

Then the other one commented “ I don’t see many Filipinas here, are you working here?”

“ No, I’m on a short trip”, I replied.

The short conversation started after those “long staring moments”.

 Another man from the other table said, “It must be your first time here”.

“Yes” I said and this man in front of me said “ no wonder why you put all the leaves in your soup” :p I had no reaction to his statement and just gave him a sarcastic smile as I left the place.


. I walked so fast and fast and when I was far enough, I laughed at myself and bought nice hair clips to forget that embarrassment.

My night didn’t end here yet… something happened after but that will be on my next post.


Thanks for reading.

Vietnam – The Taxi Driver

I was very sick and I wanted a break. My sight was blurry and weak to carry my luggage. I just slept all day at the airport and felt rejuvenated after.


Although I am always alone when I travel and always have late arrival, that doesn’t mean I am no longer scared.Some people at the airport asked me where I’m heading as they noticed I have been just sleeping. I told them that I’m heading to Vietnam  and  as usual, the next question is, if I know anyone there  or if I have tavel companion but told them that I don’t have any friends or relatives and is my first time. They were all worried and scared for me. I have no idea what Vietnam is like so I couldn’t answer their other questions. Of course inside, I was scared. I am too small to defend myself from bad guys. I just hoped that their airport is crowded.

In the plane, I was worried about what kind of taxi driver waiting for me. I looked for something in my bag that I could use in case of “emergency”. I found a pen and put it in my pocket….just in case (if u know what I mean). As I stepped out the airport, I saw those drivers waiting for their passengers. They were bigger than me so I was a bit scared. I pretended as if I didn’t need a taxi but when I saw this man with my name, I felt relieved.


His eyes were half closed, a sign of being very sleepy while his holding my name.


He was very skinny and I felt tall standing beside him. I put my pen away as I felt safe. He couldn’t speak English but still trying to be nice even though he looked very tired and sleepy.He didn’t rip me off but instead, he was very helpful.


The taxi driver made me feel ok. I wish all taxi drivers were like this taxi driver. And after meeting him, I knew that my trip would be fine and no need to be scared….. That’s when my Vietnam trip began!

Thanks for reading………….

The Pharmacist

Sunday morning, I was still sleepy when I woke up…. lazy to get up, I turned on my laptop while still in bed excited to see if I got a message from Martin. After, I thought of checking Darren Uretsky’s profile, a new friend from Vancouver to view hockey photos and to boast to my sister that I have a friend who is a real hockey player…oh Darren, if ur reading this, I am just trying to make you feel good :p! hehe peace! My sister boasted her photo sitting on a VIP booth I think watching hockey, so thought of boasting about meeting a hockey player :p . But then, I couldnt’ stop laughing after reading this so I am sharing it to you. My Sunday morning was rocked by the “Pharmacist”.

Enjoy reading!




Vietnam – A Story Of My Pink Calculator

A story of my pink calculator……….

I was the only woman in the dorm with 7 men. These backpackers seem not to be very busy roaming around because they just stay in the dorm playing with their touch screen gadgets or reading books about Southeast Asia.

One late afternoon, I went back to the dorm from a day tour and it was still early. When I opened the door, I was amazed that the attendance was complete. The boys were just on their respective beds reading a book. Hmmm… I was not tired and sleepy but every one was so serious so went straight to my bed and got my pink mirror

and later I was playing with my paper love birds.

After few minutes, I felt awkward of what I was doing. So I went to the lobby and got a book similar to theirs to feel the spirit of a traveller :p. I read to feel that I belong to the group but it was actually boring though  I learned few things. When I turned around, I noticed that it was only me reading a book, they were all busy with their ipads and iphones with earphones in their ears. So I put the book away and got my phone.

very busy with their nice phones

Unfortunately, I have a boring phone, no internet, no music, no camera, no games and couldn’t text but still pretended I was busy with my phone by trying to send a text message though it didnt work. Suddenly! I got an idea….

I got my pink hello kitty calculator and use it as if I was playing a game or surfing the net but I was actually calculating how much money I’ve spent and left. They didnt know it was just a calculator.

They were busy playing games and they seemed to enjoy it a lot so I also made sounds as if I was playing a game “ooopsss, nooooo, owwww, uh-uh, tsk tsk, yay!”  I caught their eyes looking at me then and they seemed curious what is that pink hello kitty stuff (maybe they thought it was a PSP). I was afraid they would catch me playing with a calculator, I put it on the rack next to me with my mirror. Then, took a bath to get ready for dinner. I knew they were busy with their games so I was killing time in the bathroom. When I went back to the room, the French was looking at me as if something was funny. I ignored it and fixed my hair. Then the French said “ you have a very cute calculator”… I was just looking at him as if I wanted to kick his ass…. arghhhhhhhh he was too curious that he checked it lol…. I was not embarrassed til the English guy teased me, “what were you doing with your calculator?” hehehehhehehe….. I just said, I am confused with their money because there are so many zeros so I brought a calculator :p……. he said “  sorry, we just thought it was a tiny pink netbook so we wanted to know the model” . I just then said “ because ur all busy with ur touch screen gadgets and I haven’t got one so I played with my calculator”. I was embarrassed but hehehehe at least they have something to remember in their trip :p …… and I have something to share about an embarrassing experience. :p

Thanks for reading…….