Special Class

Hey what’s up! Hope ur doing fine while reading this short blog of mine.

Just want to write this funny thing about my students. Although I am very silly outside, my image in the classroom is very opposite. Handling teenagers is not easy esp the naughty boys and there were times that I tried to control my smile and laughter when someone is being funny just to stay strict in front of them.

I originally have 59 students in my advisory class. 31 girls and 28 boys. Since the beginning of the class, my section had been so famous because of the boys who keep violating school policies – coming to school drunk, jumping over the fence, playing internet games during class hours and the like.  One morning, I went to my classroom in a very good mood but I noticed that they were all covering their nose. I thought I smelled but later on I realized that my room, my beloved room had a strong smell of pee… I was super highblood to discover that some boys just peed at the window. Because of that, the principal decided to separate the worst boys and put them in a different section. I left that classroom and happy to be back to my pink classroom with 31 girls and 5 boys only.

We call the new class “special class”. It is consist of boys only, mostly from my section. 23 of my boys were put in that class and another 10 from the other section. I still handle one subject to this so-called special students.  I was in a very good mood when I went to that class the other day. Only 7 students were present out of 33. The others jumped over the fence or took their lunch earlier as my class is at 11-12. I asked someone to erase the writings on the board coz I have a boardwork. This boy ( the worst of all the worst) , volunteered to do the job. He carefully erased the writings but didnt erase the drawing. I ignored the drawing at first til I noticed that he was so careful not to erase a part of that drawing. It was a drawing of a boy and girl passionately kissing each other with a title above “Lovers in Paris” and marked it “save”.

I got the eraser to erase it but everyone stopped me….

Students: “Oh mam please don’t erase, please…”

Me: Why? I will use the blackboard!

Students: Oh mam, just save it at least we have a girl in this room. That’s our only inspiration.

I was supposed to get mad but I couldn’t stop laughing though I tried to control not to laugh. I took photos of their drawing from my phone but I unfortunately don’t know how to transfer it.


The Perpetual Struggle Against Poverty

The Perpetual Struggle Against Poverty

Recent worldwide events has put the Filipinos in a stage of panic. The current global financial crisis that crippled even the world’s wealthy nations has a telling effect on the poor and marginal sectors of our society. The effect of such blow has pushed the poor further down below the poverty line level.


What are the kinds of poverty that majority of the Filipinos are suffering? First there is the common knowledge that a person is said to be poor if he has no money. In other words, this is called poverty of the pocket. He has no money for his basic needs; food, clothing, shelter, medicines, etc. The recent survey result conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS) showed that more and more Filipinos are in the brink of hunger, meaning that one can hardly eat at least 3 times a day. The continued soaring of the prices of the prime commodities remained unchecked by authorities and from all indications we can only wonder, will there be still a hope left for us? In the countryside, so many poor and sick people have died without even seen by doctors. Also from the same survey result in a realistic indication that people in the affluent bracket of our society who are willing to give and share their food to the poor are getting scarce nowadays. Poverty of the pocket breeds violence. Petty crimes like thief and robbery is the direct act of a desperate hungry stomach.


Then, if poverty of the pocket abound in our midst, it is more likely that a second form of poverty co-exist. This is called poverty of the mind. It is said that when a person is bankrupt of ideas, no amount of effort and persuasion can move him to get out from the mud where his feet is stucked. What made this matter worse is the fact that a lot of them has resigned to their fate; that it’s God’s will for them to be poor. This is a malady caused primarily by a lack of education and training. But then, what can we expect when money is very scarce for a poor to be able to provide education for their children?


This we can say, that poverty of the pocket is the root cause of the poverty of the mind. It is also safe to say that poverty of the mind reinforces the condition to a more despicable state.

Will there be still a hope left for us? We can only turn ourselves to the Holy Scriptures for relief. In the sermon of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount he said “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor, the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” (Mt 5:3). We can only say this is our onlyhope, and consolation in our perpetual struggle to eradicate poverty.