Two Things That Disappoint Me Today

Two things make me disappointed today.

Early in the morning, the principal told me how much the other teacher spent for my student’s medication for being bitten by the snake last Saturday. The other teacher brought my student to the doctor yesterday because I had classes so she accompanied the student in my behalf. Since she spent money, she needs refund… and what? Should I refund her since I am the class adviser? No way! Sanctions will be given if we don’t plant trees but what will happen to the teachers if accidents happen? I am very disappointed as we need to have tree planting once a month and should visit the area once a week, very risky in our part even if we ask the parents to sign a waiver. Sigh..Another accident happened in the other school during the said activity as well last Saturday. Poor teacher, she has to use her own money to buy medicine for the student. As I listened to the principal, it sounds like those kind of accidents is not part of the school budget which means what? Teacher’s responsibility which means we need to use our own money?  How much do we make anyway? When in fact, we just followed orders!Im thinking of not showing up the next tree planting activity to escape from this kind of problem but what will happen to me for not obeying the Executive Order?  Sigh…

I am very disappointed because of that issue above but I got more  disappointed when I got my salary cheque.My salary is always delayed for 1 month and today, I was excited to get my cheque for July when others are enjoying their August salary already  but I got a very big deduction for undertime and absences. I was shocked why did it happen when I was never been absent and always try not to be absent coz im saving money for my Malaysia trip and always had overtime instead of undertime…. never did I  leave the school before the official time. i tried to complain and asked a breakdown for the computation but I was told that I am always late of passing my daily time record. I was never late but the checker is always late in checking it and so , why deduct my salary? I have no absences but I was deducted an amount equivalent for almost  2 days absent 😦 . My tears almost fell, I was confused. I wanted to ask help to someone but I tried to comfort myself that I went shopping and spent that amount being deducted but lol, I even haven’t gone far from this village, no shopping and  no meeting of friends just to save money.

I need answers for these two concerns.

I hope that the government has an immediate action if accidents happen during tree planting activities and protect the teachers also as we are not superman. I have 59 students to look after and no teacher would want their student to have an accident.

I also hope that the lady who prepared my payroll will just do her job properly and recheck my record as I am so tired of complaining and asking help for my payroll inclusion… very slow or people  in government offices are not working that hard.

There will be holiday to observe or pay respect to Ramadan so the weekend will be long. It is a perfect time to escape from all the stress. I want to go to Hongkong and have a blast to forget the problems here, unfortunately, I cant afford the tickets and accommodation.


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