Tree Planting – My Student was Bitten by a Snake

I inserted some photos taken during the said activity. (Click each photo to get a full size view and click “back” to go back to the page )    Enjoy reading!


President Benigno Aquino III issued Executive Order (EO) 26, declaring the implementation of the National Greening Program as a government priority program to reduce poverty, promote food security, environmental stability and biodiversity conservation, and enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Executive Order bans logging in natural and residual forests and declares 2011 as the National Year of Forests in the Philippines. All government agencies and institutions will provide full support to the program, not only in terms of tree planting, but also in the production of quality seedlings. All students have to plant at least 10 seedlings each and another 10 for the parents, annually. And not only that, there is another 10 vegetables per student for the whole school year.

In connection with this, Awihao National High School students and teachers together with our very active principal Madam Yolanda Dela Cerna planted trees to save the lake located at Dakit, Awihao Toledo City on July 4, 2011. We are blessed to have this beautiful place for this project as it is not too far from the school but unfortunately, only 10% has survived after a month.

my student planting a tree - July 4, 2011

There is a proposal to develop this site and make it a tourist spot for local tourists and hopefully, for foreign tourists as well. Because of this, we decided to spend 1 whole day to clear the area before planting trees to make sure they would survive.

The first yr. students cleaning their area.

The weather was fine and the students were very cooperative. Everything went well and the students seemed to be having fun  though they looked very tired. I enjoyed watching some boys who used to be “teacher’s headache” in the class working hard without complaining.

The second yr students.

Anyway, that is not really what I want to share.  Here is the real story…..

I was supposed to spend my weekend with my cute gorgeous Milkajjecks sisters in the city to celebrate our birthdays together. I haven’t seen them since summer and I am missing them a lot.

my cute and lovely Milkajjecks sisters

Since today is the schedule for tree planting, I couldn’t join them  but on the other hand, I had fun with my students.

Everyone above was complaining that it was too hot but I still wanted to take a photo :p

Look at them! they were stucked above because I wanted them to take a photo of me first lol. It was very hot but still Mam Faith had a sexy pose.

Passing Mr. Eliwen Catapusan with the first yr students.

At Ninoy lake 😉 ... The water was big when we first visited this area last July 4, but this time, it is hmmmm how should I call it? low tide? 😀

Oh students, before we start cleaning, I'd like to take a pose first before I become sweaty and smelly!

Mr. Cow meets Miss Shainey

My student feeding the cow.

tree planting

Some girls were working hard, some were not.

Life at work is too serious so I am silly outside.

The girls

St. Anthony girls


Kept telling them to help the others instead of taking photos as it's my job :p

bullying each other

Sir Julius Poloyapoy with some boys

making a pathway

posing posing posing

Mrs. Faith Vistro and Mrs. Marife Rosal - not that silly like me but sometimes I am contagious.

a pose with one of my students

Jojaymar Samson - the noisiest in the class

Wilfredo Canillo - not very smart in the class but always tried his best to participate

Jano Villarin - he used to be a bad boy, but he has changed a lot this year.. as in, he has become responsible

Jonmark Babor - another responsible student and very respectful to his teachers.

Another photo of Jojaymar being busy...never thought he could work hard like this as he is very hmmm what's the term for it? like a meticulous one and very clean

These boys were not working very hard and always took a break every now and then.

This boy I think is trying to catch up to get better grades by working hard here lol.

Looking after our students who were playing and rolled down the hills by accident.

watching his classmates when it was their turn

Everything was fine and some students were making fun of me….I was rubbing my eyes because of the smoke and could see nothing. The boys were down the hills pulling the grasses and I was sitting next to Mam Rosal. Suddenly, I heard everyone was shouting and since I was rubbing my eyes, I asked what happened and I could hear ” A snake …a snake…..” I ran because of course I was scared… everyone was.


I am sorry to disappoint you my readers but I had to remove what happened after as I received a lot of  criticisms as a teacher because of what happened to the snake. Just to give you idea, my student was bitten and was brought to hospital for medications.

*********the end**************

Comments are welcome….

Thanks for reading!

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  1. jayehl
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 13:51:18

    hi,.maam,..just give me a chance to write a comment,.hehehe,..
    all the pictures are nice,..especially the way you pose,..naks..hehe
    i just cant imagine the way you carry yourself like what you called “being silly”
    rather than being serious from class…(nosebleed jud meh..)
    but anyways,..maam thanks for sharing a,,honestly i’m trying to be active in this site.a little idea about


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