The Good Policeman

Officer Mirek was a generous policeman. He always tried to help people who were in trouble. Many policemen just arrested people whenever they did something wrong, but Officer Mirek really cared about everyone.
If he saw a beggar on the street, he did not arrest him for begging. Instead, he gave him few coins to buy a meal.
If he saw children behaving badly, he did not take them to the policestation and charge them with an offense. Instead, he tried to find out why they were behaving badly and then lectured them on the importance of good behavior.
Officer Mirek knew that a lot of people think policemen are bad and corrupt. One day, he went to the church to pray.
“Lord, I have been trying to be a good officer and has not done anything against the law. Please help me to prove to the people that there are some policemen who are true and trustworthy,” said Officer Mirek.
On the same time, there was a little girl kneeling beside him. She was crying and tears were rolling down her face.
Officer Mirek heard the prayers of the little girl saying, “ Lord, please help me. My mother needs medicine and I don’t know where to get money for it. Her medicine costs 200 pesos. Please Lord, help me.”
“Hello,” he said to her, “and what’s your problem?”
The small girl looked up at him through her tears. She knew that he is a policeman because he was wearing his uniform. She told  Officer Mirek about her problem and continued crying.
“Oh dear! It’s all right,” Officer Mirek said, “ Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.
He took his wallet and checked how much he has got. Unfortunately, his money was just exactly 200 pesos. He gave 100 pesos to the little girl and keep the other 100 pesos for himself to buy food for his family on that day.
“Here’s 100 pesos. I hope this helps for the medicine of your mother. Now you can stop crying,” said Officer Mirek.
But instead of stopping, the small girl cried even louder.
She kneeled down again and prayed, “Lord, next time when you give me money, please don’t give it to a police officer. I heard they are corrupt and I just realized it is true. He just gave me half of the amount I asked from you.”

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