Our Bad Neighbor

Our Bad Neighbor

We are fed up with our neighbor. He was always borrowing things from us.
“It’s not right”, dad said to mom one morning. “At some time or another that man has borrowed nearly everything we have. Almost every day he come over to borrow something.”
“You’re absolutely right”, his wife replied, “and most of the things, he’s never returned.”
“What I want to know,” dad said, “ is why can’t he buy the things he needs, like everyone else?”
“Because people like us are foolish enough to keep on lending him what he needs,” she replied. “ As long as we are willing to lend him anything again, he’ll keep on borrowing.”
“Then we will never lend him anything again,” dad said. “ The next time he’ll borrow something, I’ll say no.”
“We have to have a good reason for saying no,” mom said, “and we have to always try to be polite to him. We don’t want to make an enemy of the man.”
It was not longer before their decision not to lend our neighbor anything ever again was put to the test. The next morning there was a knock on the door, and dad went to answer it. Our neighbor was standing there. We knew he was going to ask to borrow something, and was ready to refuse him politely.
“Good morning,” our neighbor said, “I’m sorry to trouble you, but I wonder if I could borrow your garden scissors.”
“I’m sorry, dad said, “but I’m afraid my family will be using them today. We’ll be spending all day working in the garden.”
“Oh I see,” our neighbor said. “ In that case, may I borrow your television? You won’t be needing it if you’re working in the garden all day, will you?”

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