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Victoria Secret Lotion Singapore Authentic

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Two Things That Disappoint Me Today

Two things make me disappointed today.

Early in the morning, the principal told me how much the other teacher spent for my student’s medication for being bitten by the snake last Saturday. The other teacher brought my student to the doctor yesterday because I had classes so she accompanied the student in my behalf. Since she spent money, she needs refund… and what? Should I refund her since I am the class adviser? No way! Sanctions will be given if we don’t plant trees but what will happen to the teachers if accidents happen? I am very disappointed as we need to have tree planting once a month and should visit the area once a week, very risky in our part even if we ask the parents to sign a waiver. Sigh..Another accident happened in the other school during the said activity as well last Saturday. Poor teacher, she has to use her own money to buy medicine for the student. As I listened to the principal, it sounds like those kind of accidents is not part of the school budget which means what? Teacher’s responsibility which means we need to use our own money?  How much do we make anyway? When in fact, we just followed orders!Im thinking of not showing up the next tree planting activity to escape from this kind of problem but what will happen to me for not obeying the Executive Order?  Sigh…

I am very disappointed because of that issue above but I got more  disappointed when I got my salary cheque.My salary is always delayed for 1 month and today, I was excited to get my cheque for July when others are enjoying their August salary already  but I got a very big deduction for undertime and absences. I was shocked why did it happen when I was never been absent and always try not to be absent coz im saving money for my Malaysia trip and always had overtime instead of undertime…. never did I  leave the school before the official time. i tried to complain and asked a breakdown for the computation but I was told that I am always late of passing my daily time record. I was never late but the checker is always late in checking it and so , why deduct my salary? I have no absences but I was deducted an amount equivalent for almost  2 days absent 😦 . My tears almost fell, I was confused. I wanted to ask help to someone but I tried to comfort myself that I went shopping and spent that amount being deducted but lol, I even haven’t gone far from this village, no shopping and  no meeting of friends just to save money.

I need answers for these two concerns.

I hope that the government has an immediate action if accidents happen during tree planting activities and protect the teachers also as we are not superman. I have 59 students to look after and no teacher would want their student to have an accident.

I also hope that the lady who prepared my payroll will just do her job properly and recheck my record as I am so tired of complaining and asking help for my payroll inclusion… very slow or people  in government offices are not working that hard.

There will be holiday to observe or pay respect to Ramadan so the weekend will be long. It is a perfect time to escape from all the stress. I want to go to Hongkong and have a blast to forget the problems here, unfortunately, I cant afford the tickets and accommodation.

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Tree Planting – My Student was Bitten by a Snake

I inserted some photos taken during the said activity. (Click each photo to get a full size view and click “back” to go back to the page )    Enjoy reading!


President Benigno Aquino III issued Executive Order (EO) 26, declaring the implementation of the National Greening Program as a government priority program to reduce poverty, promote food security, environmental stability and biodiversity conservation, and enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Executive Order bans logging in natural and residual forests and declares 2011 as the National Year of Forests in the Philippines. All government agencies and institutions will provide full support to the program, not only in terms of tree planting, but also in the production of quality seedlings. All students have to plant at least 10 seedlings each and another 10 for the parents, annually. And not only that, there is another 10 vegetables per student for the whole school year.

In connection with this, Awihao National High School students and teachers together with our very active principal Madam Yolanda Dela Cerna planted trees to save the lake located at Dakit, Awihao Toledo City on July 4, 2011. We are blessed to have this beautiful place for this project as it is not too far from the school but unfortunately, only 10% has survived after a month.

my student planting a tree - July 4, 2011

There is a proposal to develop this site and make it a tourist spot for local tourists and hopefully, for foreign tourists as well. Because of this, we decided to spend 1 whole day to clear the area before planting trees to make sure they would survive.

The first yr. students cleaning their area.

The weather was fine and the students were very cooperative. Everything went well and the students seemed to be having fun  though they looked very tired. I enjoyed watching some boys who used to be “teacher’s headache” in the class working hard without complaining.

The second yr students.

Anyway, that is not really what I want to share.  Here is the real story…..

I was supposed to spend my weekend with my cute gorgeous Milkajjecks sisters in the city to celebrate our birthdays together. I haven’t seen them since summer and I am missing them a lot.

my cute and lovely Milkajjecks sisters

Since today is the schedule for tree planting, I couldn’t join them  but on the other hand, I had fun with my students.

Everyone above was complaining that it was too hot but I still wanted to take a photo :p

Look at them! they were stucked above because I wanted them to take a photo of me first lol. It was very hot but still Mam Faith had a sexy pose.

Passing Mr. Eliwen Catapusan with the first yr students.

At Ninoy lake 😉 ... The water was big when we first visited this area last July 4, but this time, it is hmmmm how should I call it? low tide? 😀

Oh students, before we start cleaning, I'd like to take a pose first before I become sweaty and smelly!

Mr. Cow meets Miss Shainey

My student feeding the cow.

tree planting

Some girls were working hard, some were not.

Life at work is too serious so I am silly outside.

The girls

St. Anthony girls


Kept telling them to help the others instead of taking photos as it's my job :p

bullying each other

Sir Julius Poloyapoy with some boys

making a pathway

posing posing posing

Mrs. Faith Vistro and Mrs. Marife Rosal - not that silly like me but sometimes I am contagious.

a pose with one of my students

Jojaymar Samson - the noisiest in the class

Wilfredo Canillo - not very smart in the class but always tried his best to participate

Jano Villarin - he used to be a bad boy, but he has changed a lot this year.. as in, he has become responsible

Jonmark Babor - another responsible student and very respectful to his teachers.

Another photo of Jojaymar being busy...never thought he could work hard like this as he is very hmmm what's the term for it? like a meticulous one and very clean

These boys were not working very hard and always took a break every now and then.

This boy I think is trying to catch up to get better grades by working hard here lol.

Looking after our students who were playing and rolled down the hills by accident.

watching his classmates when it was their turn

Everything was fine and some students were making fun of me….I was rubbing my eyes because of the smoke and could see nothing. The boys were down the hills pulling the grasses and I was sitting next to Mam Rosal. Suddenly, I heard everyone was shouting and since I was rubbing my eyes, I asked what happened and I could hear ” A snake …a snake…..” I ran because of course I was scared… everyone was.


I am sorry to disappoint you my readers but I had to remove what happened after as I received a lot of  criticisms as a teacher because of what happened to the snake. Just to give you idea, my student was bitten and was brought to hospital for medications.

*********the end**************

Comments are welcome….

Thanks for reading!

Singapore Adventure

Still copying….

Victoria Secret Body Mist Spray Singapore Authentic

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The Good Policeman

Officer Mirek was a generous policeman. He always tried to help people who were in trouble. Many policemen just arrested people whenever they did something wrong, but Officer Mirek really cared about everyone.
If he saw a beggar on the street, he did not arrest him for begging. Instead, he gave him few coins to buy a meal.
If he saw children behaving badly, he did not take them to the policestation and charge them with an offense. Instead, he tried to find out why they were behaving badly and then lectured them on the importance of good behavior.
Officer Mirek knew that a lot of people think policemen are bad and corrupt. One day, he went to the church to pray.
“Lord, I have been trying to be a good officer and has not done anything against the law. Please help me to prove to the people that there are some policemen who are true and trustworthy,” said Officer Mirek.
On the same time, there was a little girl kneeling beside him. She was crying and tears were rolling down her face.
Officer Mirek heard the prayers of the little girl saying, “ Lord, please help me. My mother needs medicine and I don’t know where to get money for it. Her medicine costs 200 pesos. Please Lord, help me.”
“Hello,” he said to her, “and what’s your problem?”
The small girl looked up at him through her tears. She knew that he is a policeman because he was wearing his uniform. She told  Officer Mirek about her problem and continued crying.
“Oh dear! It’s all right,” Officer Mirek said, “ Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.
He took his wallet and checked how much he has got. Unfortunately, his money was just exactly 200 pesos. He gave 100 pesos to the little girl and keep the other 100 pesos for himself to buy food for his family on that day.
“Here’s 100 pesos. I hope this helps for the medicine of your mother. Now you can stop crying,” said Officer Mirek.
But instead of stopping, the small girl cried even louder.
She kneeled down again and prayed, “Lord, next time when you give me money, please don’t give it to a police officer. I heard they are corrupt and I just realized it is true. He just gave me half of the amount I asked from you.”

Our Bad Neighbor

Our Bad Neighbor

We are fed up with our neighbor. He was always borrowing things from us.
“It’s not right”, dad said to mom one morning. “At some time or another that man has borrowed nearly everything we have. Almost every day he come over to borrow something.”
“You’re absolutely right”, his wife replied, “and most of the things, he’s never returned.”
“What I want to know,” dad said, “ is why can’t he buy the things he needs, like everyone else?”
“Because people like us are foolish enough to keep on lending him what he needs,” she replied. “ As long as we are willing to lend him anything again, he’ll keep on borrowing.”
“Then we will never lend him anything again,” dad said. “ The next time he’ll borrow something, I’ll say no.”
“We have to have a good reason for saying no,” mom said, “and we have to always try to be polite to him. We don’t want to make an enemy of the man.”
It was not longer before their decision not to lend our neighbor anything ever again was put to the test. The next morning there was a knock on the door, and dad went to answer it. Our neighbor was standing there. We knew he was going to ask to borrow something, and was ready to refuse him politely.
“Good morning,” our neighbor said, “I’m sorry to trouble you, but I wonder if I could borrow your garden scissors.”
“I’m sorry, dad said, “but I’m afraid my family will be using them today. We’ll be spending all day working in the garden.”
“Oh I see,” our neighbor said. “ In that case, may I borrow your television? You won’t be needing it if you’re working in the garden all day, will you?”