A Very Embarrassing Experience in Hongkong

An Embarrassing Experience…


When I travel, I always do my best to avoid any bloopers ‘coz though it is funny, it is still embarrassing… but  seems like my trip isn’t complete without it….

I don’t know if i look funny or something is wrong with my face ‘coz everytime I walk alone, I noticed some eyes were trying to examine me from head down to my feet esp the Chinese ladies here. But anyway, I’m used to it!


This afternoon, I took lunch with Jessa and super excited to eat rice as  I haven’t eaten rice for a week now…oooppps, I’m not on diet, but just had the chance to eat rice this afternoon.

As I walked to the door on our way out, I could feel the eyes of those men eating on their tables, turning their heads and following me with their eyes as I passed by. I don’t know what were they thinking but I just felt it….. My mind  went somewhere then :p. Hmm let’s say, I felt I was a head-turner 😀 .Trying hard to do the catwalk  :p and my eyes were looking straight to the stairs.

I enjoyed walking while they were looking at me and owned the moment… ALL EYES ON ME! Just walked and walked and walked on the aisle when suddenly I heard a loud BOOOOOOOGS!!!!! It was my big forehead and nose bumped on the clear glass. Jessa couldn’t stop laughing instead of rescuing me….. I could feel the laughters behind me but i tried to endure the pain and pretended as if nothing happened and didn’t look back. I wanted to disappear on that very moment and wishing I had a magic wand to make me invisible. My forehead and nose left marks on the glass. I pretended to walk fine and when I was out of their sight, I ran away so no one would see me anymore. It was very painful and my nose is deformed as it is still swollen a bit….  I wanted to cry but couldn’t stop laughing as well. I always make funny faces in photos but I gave those people who witnessed that embarrassing moment a sore tummy coz of laughing… Nahiwi ug samot akong ilong!


I just realized then why they were looking at me :p… They knew I was walking to the wrong direction and were just waiting for the moment that I would wake up from that dream. Hingburot akong ilong ug akong dangas nga agtang misamot ug kadako!




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