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A Very Embarrassing Experience in Hongkong

An Embarrassing Experience…


When I travel, I always do my best to avoid any bloopers ‘coz though it is funny, it is still embarrassing… but  seems like my trip isn’t complete without it….

I don’t know if i look funny or something is wrong with my face ‘coz everytime I walk alone, I noticed some eyes were trying to examine me from head down to my feet esp the Chinese ladies here. But anyway, I’m used to it!


This afternoon, I took lunch with Jessa and super excited to eat rice as  I haven’t eaten rice for a week now…oooppps, I’m not on diet, but just had the chance to eat rice this afternoon.

As I walked to the door on our way out, I could feel the eyes of those men eating on their tables, turning their heads and following me with their eyes as I passed by. I don’t know what were they thinking but I just felt it….. My mind  went somewhere then :p. Hmm let’s say, I felt I was a head-turner 😀 .Trying hard to do the catwalk  :p and my eyes were looking straight to the stairs.

I enjoyed walking while they were looking at me and owned the moment… ALL EYES ON ME! Just walked and walked and walked on the aisle when suddenly I heard a loud BOOOOOOOGS!!!!! It was my big forehead and nose bumped on the clear glass. Jessa couldn’t stop laughing instead of rescuing me….. I could feel the laughters behind me but i tried to endure the pain and pretended as if nothing happened and didn’t look back. I wanted to disappear on that very moment and wishing I had a magic wand to make me invisible. My forehead and nose left marks on the glass. I pretended to walk fine and when I was out of their sight, I ran away so no one would see me anymore. It was very painful and my nose is deformed as it is still swollen a bit….  I wanted to cry but couldn’t stop laughing as well. I always make funny faces in photos but I gave those people who witnessed that embarrassing moment a sore tummy coz of laughing… Nahiwi ug samot akong ilong!


I just realized then why they were looking at me :p… They knew I was walking to the wrong direction and were just waiting for the moment that I would wake up from that dream. Hingburot akong ilong ug akong dangas nga agtang misamot ug kadako!



Mr. Czech Saved My Night

Hello! Ive’ got something to tell you! I wish my travel-buddy-piggy could take photos and videos lol to document what happened and how I looked like.

Since I went to Thailand, my dream about traveling got stronger :p. I want to travel with just a backpack because it looks cool. I want to roam around with a backpack because it seems very comfortable than big luggage. When my friend Terry bought me a ticket to Hongkong, I borrowed my sister’s backpack and no idea that it was heavy. My mother told me to use a different luggage but I really wanted to use the backpack. Since the backpack was just small, I had 3 other small bags. On my way to the airport, I looked funny with those bags but I couldn’t go back to change my mind as there was no time. I was wearing my favorite white gladiator type wedge sandals to look sassy hehehe but often twisted my ankle or what’s the proper term for that? Just when arrived in the city, my sandals gave up….. arghhhh so embarrassing walking barefoot. I went to the nearest mall to buy slippers. But when I was at the shop, I was tempted to buy sthat black andals which is a gladiator type again. I didnt want to buy an expensive one so I chose a cheap one at E-Mall which costs 380 pesos. Hmmmm I felt good again and recharged with my new sandals. I took taxi going to the airport and waited an hour for my flight.  While waiting, I met Ate V and her very young boyfriend Jay. She is 52 i think and Jay is just 28 if I’m not wrong.

Since my sandals were new, I was very confident to walk and pose :p …

I got the attention of others maybe because of my smiles. I was very excited that I couldn’t stop smiling like a crazy girl. Very excited of my longest vacation ever :p…. to Hongkong!!! I didnt expect that trip though but Terry was very generous to buy me a ticket….Anyways, while in the plane, I was playing with my travel-buddy-piggy. To save money, I brought some foods :p.

My seatmate was trying to be friendly but his English wasn’t good enough to talk more  and I was not patient to listen to him so I pretended to be sleeping. I forgot his name, very hard to pronounce so I just called him Mr. Czech.

When the plane landed,  Mr Czech and I got out of the plane first as we sat on the first row.  Just after few steps, lol I noticed my sandals were too light …. toinks!!! when I checked it, the sole was broken as in 90%. To avoid embarrassment and not to be noticed, I pretended that I fell down and hurt my ankle but actually, I wanted to get the mighty bond from my bag which I prepared for situations like this but it didn’t work :p. Mr. Czech walked so fast and he was looking at me as if telling me to walk faster coz the line at immigration would be long. I gave Mr. Czech a look as if I was in pain because of my foot and asked him to carry my heavy handcarry for me and he did. Heheheh I dont know if he noticed that I was just pretending because I caught his eyes looking at my sandals. I tried to walk but  I wish to disappear at that very moment as everyone behind me noticed what happened to my sandals. Others were making fun of me to just walk barefoot :p. But at least, I got rid of my heavy luggage and Mr. Czech looked impatient watching me walked slowly. Finally, I reached the immigration area and Mr. Officer was curious why I couldn’t properly that he really checked it :p. When i got out from the immigration , I asked Mr. Czech to get my luggage for me :p demanding! Well, he couldn’t speak English much so he doesn’t know how to complain, only gave me a look like he wanted to kick my ass. I wore my extra high heels when I got my luggage but it was awkward coz it didn’t match my attire but no choice.

Since, it was already very late, I spent the night at the airport with Mr. Czech with no talking waiting for the morning. His flight to Russia was at 9 am while I took the bus to Wanchai after. Before we parted, he bought me breakfast which I shared with my travel-buddy-piggy.

I made Mr. Czech as my luggage carrier in the evening and made him as my photographer in the morning  :p

In return of his kindness, I didn’t leave til he had to leave for his flight and also , to get spoiled with photos 😀

Sent him to the departure and bid goodbye……

I was lucky to meet a nice stranger who was friendly and a gentleman! Bye-bye Mr. Czech!!! Thank you so much for saving my night and my breakfast :p