Thailand – What A Small World We Live

What a small world!!! –  An expression that we often use when we meet someone somewhere by accident. 

This may sound a little odd but it happened. I think some of you have read it in facebook before but just thought of writing it again before writing a lesson plan while enjoying this short holiday.

I was roaming around in Khao sarn road Bkk alone one night. Those who are familiar with this area can imagine how crowded this area is esp at night. Party is here and there and hard to walk on the streets with all those sidewalk stalls and tourists walking back and forth. It is a tourist area and filled with Caucasians and for me , they almost look the same- handsome, hot , pretty, some are blonde.  I enjoyed roaming around til my legs got tired and decided to go back to my hostel.

waiting for my King Prawns


dancing for money

There was this narrow passage in front of a shop where passers by werepushin one another and since I am small, I just waited at the left side  til it would be ok to pass while eating my Shawarma or do they call it Shawarma?

trying streetfoods

At the opposite side, a tall man was doing the same. Since he is tall, I could still see him clearly and I was looking at him for like 7 seconds as he looked familiar. He was also looking at me but not that long. I wanted to smile at him and wanted to ask if he is  from Denmark but I thought I would be crazy to do it as I felt I was very far away so it should be impossible. He was not looking at me as I passed in front of him but as I passed by, I felt a finger touching my back and when I turned around, I realized it was his finger so I just smiled and said ” You’re from Denmark” and he also said  “Youre from the Philippines!” We both laughed as we didnt expect we would meet in Bkk. We have only talked once online talking about UN  or was it UNESCO? and other topics which gave me a nosebleed . But I wasnt really sure it was him as I only saw a one sided photo of him til he asked me.

A friend from Denmark whom I accidentally met in BKK

with Nana


meeting a friend from Denmark by accident at Khao sarn road Bkk

Well, it was truly a small world! Met a friend from online in the busy streets at Khao Sarn Road Bangkok. I then hang out with him and his another friend for a while. They bought me a drink and when I was a bit tipsy, went back to my hostel. And Rob and I planned to visit some places the next day. I was just happy to have something unexpected from that trip.


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