“I want to be the best mother and I want to be the best wife … I want to be, I want to go, I want to do, I want to , I want to…. lol ………… I just want to live life to the fullest!”


I didn’t know that I would become crazy as I get older lol. I used to be very serious and very conservative. Sleeveless and shorts made me feel naked already. Words coming out from my mouth are very boring. I was a shy-type and too serious about everything. Even at this very moment, I havent tried a real night life.

Oh enough talking about it. Since this post will be under the “my dream” category, let’s talk about what  really my dreams are.

Younger years: I grew up daydreaming to be a journalist. Since child, I already imagined to be one. In high school, almost everyone  hired me to write love letters lol. I made money from it. I am not that very good but my skills were much much better than now as I was this very serious student who read books every night and memorize the dictionary on weekends. I could easily write introductions but now, it takes hours of rolling in bed before I can make one :p.

I wanted to take up journalism after high school but the first reason was, to escape Mathematics :D. I thought that if I would take up journalism, there would be no more problem in  Math but I was wrong of course. Even if I took up education, I didn’t give up that dream til I got sick  after giving birth at the age of 16. I felt inferior and I felt like there’s no way that I could be a journalist because of that illness.

I never thought of going abroad, never til “my novel” happened. After that “novel adventure”, I started of thinking about writing stories or novels based on real life. oh well, I consider my adventure to China as a novel and still can’t imagine how I survived. I never want to experience it again but I want to write it and make people read it for them to learn something from my experience. And the crazy thing was, I want it to be a movie hahahahha :p oh well, it is free to dream!

I know people would love it as even if it would make their tears fall , I know I can make them laugh in between :p …haiz!! i wish! but as what I have said, my skills arent enough… my vocabulary is very poor, it is only for conversation not for writing. So a new dream was born :p

To meet a man whose passion is writing as well…. travel together and write different things and who knows it will be published. Oh well, he will be my husband :p

After 25: I dream to travel but of course it is hard coz financially, Im not capable. Since I have been single and not in relationship for long time, I just wanted to travel and make enough to support my traveling and daughter’s needs. I want to marry traveling and writing. I felt so good when once I was with backpackers. I had so many ideas that just came naturally. The words and the ideas were deep but it was just written in the air. I realized then that to be a good writer, you should not be just in the cave. That the skills in writing are not only acquired in school but experience is the best. I want to write to inspire some people esp those who are down and lost hope.

Recent: Since I started online selling, I began to dream of having my own fashion boutique but don’t want to manage it as I  would be traveling :p or my main job is to take care of my husband til I’m gone in this world. I want to travel and hope to meet someone special, who knows? I want to make this simple blogsite of mine an official site for selling clothes for ShaineysFashion Foundation and profit goes to my foundation that will help those who are really in need and change lives. I can’t change the world but I dream to help others change their lives not to become rich but to be out of despair and become a happy person.

At present: Just waiting for opportunities 🙂 and help people in my own little way for I am struggling hard as well yet my smiles inspire others 😉

Gooosh i am talking about traveling a lot… my feet are ready to roll but my pocket is still not awake :p