hello! how are u people? I haven’t posted new silly blogs here because I don’t have own connection now. But anyways, glad to post something new at least though I can’t make it long this time.I had a seminar in Manila for English Language Teaching. I asked my friend to pick me up at the airport. Then , I was supposed to stay in Pius Center but , I wanted to hang out with my friend so I didn’t want to stay with my superiors. I had budget for hotel but I wanted to havenight life there so I tried to cut the budget for hotel. My friend and I were walking and roaming around to look for a place which is cheap and no curfew because we planned to go out that night. But then, we were so tired all afternoon til it was already 8 pm and we wasted our time looking for cheap room.The ending was, I stayed overnight in a room which was not ready and there was no water. I couldnt complain because it was my fault and hahaha I laughed at myself.

I told myself, this is my karma for being corrupt hehehehehe…. I needed to fetch water from the gate to the third floor so I could take a bath and use bathroom…I almost had accident  on the stairs.

I fetched 3 times hehehe… Oh well, as what I have said, I couldn’t complain. I also couldn’t stand when I took a bath because people outside would see me….. It was a funny experience and a lesson to learn. The plan to have fun on that night was cancelled because we were too tired of looking for a cheap place.
I decided to stay with my superiors on the following day. I beg them to accept me in their room and told them about the “fetching of water” thing. They laughed at me.
I had fun on the following nights though but hahaha I had more fun remembering my first night there!