Boxing: A Form of Self-Defense and Sport

Boxing: A Form of Self-Defense and Sport

by: Demosthenes Gonzales

Boxing has been around as long as the human race as a means of defending oneself from the aggression of enemies. A man who has the craft on this art of self-defense employed boxing as a means of settling disputes. In this art of fighting, the boxer banks on his own physical and mental capabilities to demolish his enemy. More often than not, the fighter with excellent physical and conditioning skills will always come out as the victor. Thus, for a man known to have this skill and talent will always get the respect and awe from everybody to the point that he is even feared. But nowadays, with the advent of guns as the fastest means of settling disputes this notion has been reduced into a ridicule. Boxing, like any forms of Martial Arts emphasizes only in the use of bare hands to defend oneself. Naturally, there is no way that bare hands can parry thebullets that’s being fired from a gun.But if boxing as a way to defend oneself is being overshadowed by the use of guns, boxing as a sport is very much alive and a very much patronized by the lovers of this sport. It is one of the few sports to be disputed in both the ancient and modern Olympics. In the history of this sport, boxing was first included in the 23rd ancient Olympiad with the use of just bare knuckles and without protective gears in the head, groin and mouth. The fighters were treated by the spectators like the Roman gladiators that both protagonists will be slugging at each other until only one man is left standing in the arena. The year was in 668 B. C. in Athens, Greece when boxing was first introduced.This sport was not included in the first Modern Olympics in 1896 because it was considered too dangerous. In the Ancient Olympiad, tragic deaths of the protagonists were seen atop the arena because of fatal injuries obtained by them from the blows of their opponent.Boxing was finally included as an official Olympic sport in 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis after efforts had been made to protect the fighters from severe injuries. The use of protective gears for the head, mouth, groin and the use of boxing gloves gradually appeared in the subsequent Olympic Games. Rules and regulations wererevised time and again with the end-view of improving the sport andproducing good athletes.

To represent one’s country in any sports in an international competition like the Olympics is an ultimate dream of any young athlete (boxers included). Honor and glory will not only be for them but for their country and countrymen as well. Specifically for boxers, the rewards at stake are quite enormous though they’re taking a tremendous risk by doing so. Truly, no other sport can offer such a high level of excitement as boxing because of the intensity of the pressure and continuous action inside the ring. For every second of every three minutes, the fighters are in the business of annihilation in the square jungle. It’s either, a win, a defeat or a draw for both protagonists. There’s no other way: to hit and be hit, to mangle and be mangled.

by: Demosthenes Gonzales

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