Internet Cafe

internet cafe

Using internet in cafe is so annoying. Both Elementary and Highschool students are so noisy while playing internet games while girls are shouting about cute boys. I don’t like using internet here but it costs for me to travel to the city just to use internet. I told them tominimize their voices but they don’t seem to understand what silence means. They just ignore me without knowing that I will be their teacher soon. I am trying to remember their faces and when I see these faces in my class, I will make them write a 2 pages essay back to back what silence means. No one is trying to do some research but just playing and chatting. I am very embarrassed to be here but  what can I do? I need to use internet.It is sad to know that their parents are working hard just to give them allowance but they are just wasting their money here. Once I start teaching in that school, I will have the rule about using internet. If I caught them playing or chatting weekdays, they will have to write a very long essay and if they fail to do so, then they can’t enter myclass. These students need some discipline and they have to value the efforts of their parents. I can feel that many students will hate me soon, but, well…. let’s see! After all I am the teacher!


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